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How Would YOU Like To Have Your Google AdWords Account Created, Optimized And Managed By One Of The MOST Renowned Expert Teams In The World?

From: Simon Leung, Google AdWords Insider
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Are you a corporation, small company or individual entrepreneur who is looking for a cost-efficient and effective way to automate your website's Google AdWords marketing? Well, look no farther, because is your one-stop shop to outsource all the frustrations of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks of the right AdWords management strategies that will help you minimize your costs and maximize your traffic.


What makes the best in the industry? Firstly, the co-founder of the company, Simon Leung, also happens to be the co-founder of Google's AdWords Optimization Team. Not only did he build the team from the ground up, but he also developed the original strategies that are still being used to train Google employees internally, including some of the only strategies that still work today.


In addition, we have hired the brightest young talents in Nanjing, China, who have all graduated from the most acclaimed English speaking Universities in Asia, all holding degrees in computer education. After being hired, they are then put through an intensive AdWords Optimization training program for several weeks, the very same training that Google employees go through to manage multi-million dollar accounts.


Needless to say, these young AdWords Assistants are rigorously trained in the art of Google AdWords, so each and every single one of them are now specialists in the sphere of website promotion through Google's most powerful traffic generation resource.


With, you will be confident to know that you'll be hiring staff that is educated, trained and has expertise in getting more website traffic for you through Google AdWords affordably and instantly.



Understanding The Power Of Virtual AdWords Assistants


Virtual AdWords Assistants are the best way for any business or individual to get some fast, efficient administrative help when trying to get more AdWords traffic. Since the AdWords Assistants work out of our China offices using the latest strategies and technology, you don't have to incur any costs related to infrastructure, wear and tear and employer-employee legal issues.


Additionally, these AdWords Assistants are already trained in the art of AdWords marketing by the very best - the man who created the optimization training internally at Google. So, you can rest easy knowing that your AdWords account is in good hands, so you can jump in and immediately start executing your traffic building campaigns without wasting even a single hour on training.


Indeed, hiring is the fastest and most intelligent way to jumpstart your web site traffic building efforts.



Leveraging The Power Of Automation To Build More Web Site Traffic


Building AdWords traffic is an art and a science that can potentially take you hours of testing and tweaking. The more creative, innovative ways you can devise to get traffic, the greater the number of people visiting your website. However, every AdWords strategy requires a scientific step-by-step approach to implementing it, which can only be figured out after several hours of testing and tweaking.


That's where comes into the picture.


AdWords Assistant can take over all the scientific, step-by-step tasks that need to be executed, leaving you to do what you do best think up more, creative and newer ways to get traffic to your website without having to worry about the trial-and-error tribulations of Google AdWords.

With, your AdWords campaigns are being created, optimized and managed by the very best. Take your company to the next level by spending time working ON your business, and not IN your business. Do what you do best, and we'll handle the rest.




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