Hiring AdWordsAssistants.com is extremely easy. Take some time to review our part-time and full-time packages to see which one is the most suitable for you.

Option #1:
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Option #3:
Silver AdWords Assistant
$997/month 35 hours/month
Gold AdWords Assistant
$1497/month 60 hours/month
Platinum AdWords Assistant
$1997/month 90 hours/month


Monthly Cost
$997 $1497 $1997
Hourly Rate
$28 $25 $22
Total Man Hours
35 60 90


Initializing the Project
Initial Consultation
Account Setup
Conversion Code Setup


Keyword Research & Bid Management
Negative Keywords
A/B Ad Copy Testing
Day Parting
Geo- Targeting
Local Search Campaigns (If Applicable)
Conversion Tracking










Landing Page Consultation
A/B Landing Page Tests (If Applicable)
Click Fraud Support






Profile Setup
Funnel Tracking






Weekly Reports
Monthly Reports
Advanced Reports






Email Support
Chat Support





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